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Query 3: Single column with a lot of data. SELECT id FROM regexp_split_to_table ('1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9', ',') AS id. Query 4: To expect more seconds for query. pg_sleep usually used at blind sql injection. ... Dummy Query for Postgres. What I meant by dummy query is the query that doesn’t need table. This kind of query is may useful for unit testing. Here is a simple awk command to split it into 3 columns. $ awk -F "," 'OFS="\t" {print $1,$2,$3 > ("output.txt")}' data.txt $ cat output.txt 1 John 43 2 Jane 50. In the above awk command, we use -F option to specify input delimiter as comma, -OFS option to specify the output field delimiter, that is the delimiter to be used for output file.

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